FAIRYTALES 1992-2001

My work is always about painting and poetry. Starting from pictures of painters who I admire like Balthus, Rene Magritte, Gustav Klimt, Fernand Khnopff, Anton Räderscheidt and Giorgio De Chirico I try to create my own surreal universe. In carefully selecting models, locations and outfits I strive to depict allegories or metaphors for states of consciousness and emotional conditions. It is the driving force behind the phenomena that interests me most. What color has the soul? Fairytales, archetypes and dreams are the central issues of my work. These traditionally photographed and printed pictures (except for the color prints that are piezo-pigmentprints) aren’t portraits of real people, but of my fantasies. My approach is not analytical but intuitive. I’m looking for the enigma that lies beyond intellectual understanding. Having ideas, making them visible in the material world, transforming the results into blackened particles on paper that become a new reality and (in best case) produce feelings in us – the whole process of photography means a kind of modern magic or alchemy to me.